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SumYum Inc is composed by a group of high qualities and first-class persons who can provide average computer users with effective solutions to fix various computer problems, slow performance, error messages and save their money and hassle. We are always endeavoring to make our customers happy and enjoy the benefit of technology.

Our goal is to develop first-class products, solutions and highest level of services to individuals, businesses, non-profits and government organizations so they can enjoy a better computer experience, increase productivity and protect sensitive information.

In near future, SumYum Inc will make full use of its powerful computer programming technique and huge marketing network, to develop more useful software, contribute wisdoms for customers and share benefits with the world.

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PCFixKit™ is a powerful Windows registry cleaner dedicated to scanning your computer system, safely and completely repairing various computer problems, including registry errors, slow system startup, blue screen of death, and greatly speeding up your computer performance.

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If you’re interested in sending feedbacks of our products & services, please email us: support@sumyum.com.
If you’re interested in recommending products and services we don’t have, you can email our Manager at support@sumyum.com.

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